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Request for First Aid Coverage

(Also known as Public Duty)

Organising a community, corporate, or school event? You’ll need First Aid coverage!

St John Singapore is Singapore’s premier Non-Profit, voluntary First Aid coverage provider. Each year, St John volunteers, both adults and cadets, dedicate countless of hours at national, community, corporate, and school events to offer First Aid assistance to those in need.

Do you require our assistance? Here are some information which you need to know:

  1. St John Singapore (SJS) is a Voluntary and Charitable organization existing in Singapore since 1885. It is a registered charity to carry out our charitable mission “In the Service of Humanity” within Singapore.
  2. Our service is provided by medical or First Aid trained volunteers, subjected to availability.
  3. We are unable to assist your event if paramedic is required as our members are not paramedic trained.
  4. All requests should cater for at least 4 St John members.
  5. Please send in your First Aid Coverage request at least 6 weeks in advance for us to process the application. This will be on a first come first serve basis, subject to our manpower availability. Our staff will get in touch with you within 3 working days.
  6. First Aiders are entirely subjected to availability; we seek your understanding if we are not able to accept your request due to unavailability of our volunteers, especially during office hours or school examination periods.
  7. As many of our First Aiders are students, we will require a Risk Assessment form from event organisers.
    Kindly email your event Risk Assessment form to pd@stjohn.org.sg within a week of registration through this form. If we do not receive your Risk Assessment within a week, we will not consider your application.
  8. Ambulance service will be subjected to the availability of medical volunteers. Our ambulance is staffed according to MOH guidelines.
  9. Please inform us of any change or cancellation to accepted Public Duty requests, within 2 weeks prior to actual event, via email at pd@stjohn.org.sg.
  10. For high risk or large-scale events, please email directly to pd@stjohn.org.sg with details of the event (including the below listed questions).
  11. While coverage for the state, charitable and non-profit are free of charge, however, we seek your support in making a token donation to “St. John Singapore” in order to help defray our operating costs. For commercial and profit making events, a quotation of operating cost may be sent and billed to you.
  12. St John Singapore reserves the right and discretion to amend of our First Aid Coverage policy.

We seek your support in making a token donation to defray our costs. Donate now.
Do contact our Public Duty Coordinator via pd@stjohn.org.sg.

Request First Aid Coverage

You will be directed to our Google Form.

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