Zone 8 organises “Dare Or Not!”

Dare or Not! was a flagship first aid campaign organised by Be The Difference, a non-profit initiative started in 2014 by youth volunteers from Zone 8, St. John Brigade Singapore. Be The Difference continuously strive to raise awareness and promote learning of essential emergency first aid, so as to enable our fellow Singaporeans to have the skills and confidence to be the difference when life matters most.

Although we live in a first world country, the mismatch of 1800 annual cases of cardiac arrest with the undesirably low bystander Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) rate in Singapore drives us to achieve our goal. This is aligned to a move to include basic first aid lessons into schools’ curriculum – because even the simplest skills can save a life.

About 400 members of the public participated in the fun yet inspiring activities that catered for all, which ranged from sharing of life-saving stories to an escape room game. The theme of the event resolved around encouraging the public to step forward as first responders. For them, selflessness and confidence are qualities that are the key difference between a life saved or lost.

Dare or Not! consisted of the following highlights:
Circle of Life – Featuring three Samaritans who provided various perspectives and motivation behind saving a life. These are people from all walks of life who responded quickly, namely a lecturer who successfully resuscitated a stranger by performing CPR with the help of the myResponder mobile application, a National Serviceman who performed CPR on his neighbour and a student who helped save an old man’s life.

Rescue Quest – This was a fast-paced, mind-bending “escape room” concept game done outdoors for the first time. Participants were required to discover and unlock clues within 15 minutes to complete the mission. Through the game, they learnt that urgency is paramount in times of emergencies and any hesitation could prove to be costly.

First Aid Education and Workshop – Participants were engaged in the first aid booths to learn simple steps in the recognition and treatment of common household conditions such as burns, sprains, asthma, etc. With the integration of mini games, the participants would better retain the information for use in future. In addition, our volunteers demonstrated life-saving skills such as the Heimlich Manoeuvre for choking and CPR for both the infant and adult casualties.

First Aid and Life Support Courses – A total of 60 people benefited from the free CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) courses we offered at the event. This was in collaboration with several community partners such as People’s Association and !FA, who were keen in making life-saving skills available and accessible to the public.

Following Dare or Not!, Be The Difference will continue to reach out to the larger community through advocating the importance of emergency first aid. The team will be exploring various opportunities such as partnerships with schools and organisations to encourage our youths and the public to learn essential first aid skills.

Summing up, “Dare or Not! helps not just to train people in life-saving skills, but encourages them to step up as first responders,” Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry lauded.

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