Registration for UG Internship Programme (Brigade)

Organised in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the St John Internship is part of a larger Uniformed Groups Internship Programme, which aims to offer post-Secondary students an opportunity to contribute to one of the 9 Uniformed Groups in Singapore.

During this internship programme, the interns will shadow UG HQ staff or officers and receive day-to-day guidance for their responsibilities. They will gain a better understanding of the organisation such as the UG’s history, organisation structure and culture. Their mentors will also engage them regularly in reflections to internalise the skills and values learnt. The interns will be able to improve his/her written and verbal communication skills; learn to work together as a team; understand how to better engage with cadets and build up confidence in meeting challenges ahead.

Interested individuals may contact our Brigade Office, at for further enquiries.

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