Higher First Aid (with Methods of Instruction)

Please note that Higher First Aid course will be rescheduled to June 2017.

The course dates listed below are no longer valid.

St John Singapore will release the updated schedule soon.


Higher First Aid Course with Methods of Instruction is a first aid trainer course. The objective of this course is to educate and equip the participants in higher first aid principles and first aid treatment algorithms which are when conducting First Aid provider courses. The topics and lectures are presented by subject matter experts currently in the medical healthcare and training industries.

A table of all Course Topics and Schedules can be found at the bottom of this page.

Pre-requisites for HFA Course

When applying, Applicant must:

  • be at least 21 years old;
  • possess and produce a valid Adult First Aid, Standard First Aid*, EMT or Nursing certification;
  • possess and produce a valid Basic Cardiac Life Support Provider certification; and
  • possess and produce a valid CPR+AED Provider certification.

*Applicant must show evidence of recurring renewal of first aid certification (at least once, eg. first certification and refresher)

Course Duration

HFA is a 38½ hours course inclusive of assessment, spanning 4 Friday evenings and 3 Saturdays.

First Aid Methods of Instruction is a 16-hours course on 2 full Saturdays.

Course Fee

The course fee is set at S$2500.00 (subject to prevailing GST) per participant and must be paid before the commencement of course.

Course Payment

Course fee are subject to 7% GST (GST Reg. No.: M90361968Y).
Payment of course fee shall be made at least two weeks prior to acceptance. In case of cheque payment, it shall be made payable to St. John Singapore.

Course Enrolment

The application form must be submitted together to firstaid@stjohn.org.sg with duplicate copies of supporting documents mentioned in the pre-requisites.

For members of public or company registration, please click here to download the application form.

For St John Brigade members who are interested in this course, please email firstaid@stjohn.org.sg: Attention to Mr William Lee to request for our internal Brigade Application Form.


Participants are required to complete two (2) practicum by the end of July 2017.

Course Venue

HFA will be conducted at St John Headquarters, 420 Beach Road Singapore 199582.


Parking fee in St John Headquarters is S$5.35 per entry and subject to availability.

Lecturers and Instructors

HFA Course is led by St John Singapore-registered medical doctors, lecturers and instructors.

Medium of Instruction

HFA Course is conducted in English.


A Higher First Aid certificate (valid for 2 years) will be issued to every successful candidate upon graduation.

Course participants are required to provide correct personal particulars upon enrolling for the course. If these particulars are incorrect and a replacement certificate is required, then a replacement fee of $10.70 (inclusive GST) shall be levied.

Renewal of Certification

Conditions for renewal are as follows:

  • Conduct at least 2 first aid classes under St John Association Singapore.
  • Attend at least 2 Continuing Education Programmes a year; and
  • Renewal fee of S$100.00 (subject to prevailing GST).

Validity of Certification

Upon successful completion of HFA, candidate will be issued with a certificate of two years validity to train Adult First Aid Course or Standard First Aid Course only.

The certification may complement with other certifications (eg. ACTA and Child First Aid Training Providers’ Immersion Course and Attachment) prescribed by accreditation authorities (eg. Ministry of Manpower and National First Aid Council), which are necessary for the conduct of other First Aid Courses (eg. Occupational First Aid Course and Child First Aid Course).


Each participant is required to have a minimum of 80% attendance, failing which he/she shall not be allowed to sit for both the written and oral assessments. Those who fail or miss the examination may write in with valid reasons to apply for a re-sit on payment of a fee at S$32.10.

Assessment Mechanism

Knowledge – Candidates will sit through 50 MCQs (Annex A).

Oral Viva – Candidates will be assessed by doctors on their oral presentation of treatment procedures to case scenarios

Practicum – Each candidate will conduct two classes of first aid under supervision of a senior first aid trainer.

Course Topics and Schedules

Date/Day Time Topic
21st Apr / Friday 1830 – 1835hrs Opening Address by Course Director
1835 – 2230hrs Introduction to First Aid Care
- Principal Aims of First Aid Care
- Infectious Disease Transmission
- Diseases of Concern in an Emergency Setting
- Protection from Infection
- Safety at the Scene

Victim Assessment
- Primary Survey
- Secondary Survey
22nd Apr / Saturday 0900 – 1200hrs Burn Emergencies
- Assessment of Burns
- Burn Management
- Inhalation Injuries
- Chemical Burns
- Electrical Burns

Injuries to the Face, Eye and Throat
- Eye injuries
- Face injuries
- Ear injuries
- Throat injuries
1300 – 1800hrs Musculoskeletal Injuries
- Musculoskeletal System
- Sprains, Dislocation, Strains and Cramps
- Fractures

Head and Spine Injuries
- Types of Head Injuries
- Types of Injury to the Brain
- Injury to the Skull
- Spinal Column and Cord Injuries
- Injuries to the Spine

Common Sport and Recreational Injuries
- Injuries to the Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist
- Injuries to the Hip, Leg, Knee, Ankle and Foot
28th Apr/ Friday 1830 – 2230hrs Bites and Stings
- Bites
- Snakebite
- Insect Bites and Stings
- Marine Life Bites and Stings

Poisoning Emergencies
- Ingested poisons
- Inhaled poisons
- Injected poisons
- Absorbed poisons
29th Apr / Saturday 0900 – 1300hrs Bleeding and Shock
- Bleeding and Treatment
- Internal Bleeding
- Shock

Chest/Abdominal/Limb Traumas
- Closed and Open injuries
- Penetrating Chest injuries Treatment
- Abdominal injuries Treatment
- Impaled Objects Treatment
- Amputations Treatment
- Clamping Object Treatment
1400 – 1800hrs Seizures, Dizziness and Fainting
- Seizure
- Dizziness
- Fainting

Diabetic Emergencies
- Hyperglycemia
- Hypoglycemia

Respiratory Emergencies
- Dyspnea
- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
- Asthma
- Pneumonia
- Hyperventilation
5 May / Friday 1830 – 2230hrs Cardiovascular and Stroke Emergencies
- Cardiovascular
- Stroke
- ACLS Procedures
2115 – 2230hrs Disaster Management
6 May / Saturday 0900 – 1300hrs Dressing and Bandaging
1400 – 1800hrs Transportation
12 May / Friday 1830 – 2100hrs Theory Examination
Oral Viva
20 May / Saturday 0900 – 1800hrs Methods of Instruction
27 May / Saturday 0900 – 1800hrs Methods of Instruction
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