Fellowship’s Photo Stories

Getting together for the first time to celebrate the Inauguration of the Fellowship on 20 April 1996

Annual celebration in Pine Tree Club on 18 January 1999

Annual gathering at Executive Club on 10 December 2002

Taking group photo with special guests at Installation Diner 2004

Addressing the gathering on the latest developments at Installation Function on 12 December 2011

Special guests, members & their families at the Installation Function 2011

Celebrating the 18th Anniversary of St John Fellowship on 16 November 2013

Fund-Raising Pop Concert with auction of art work on 16 November 2013

Welcoming guests at St John Heritage Centre on 10 January 2014

Hosting the Welcome Dinner for overseas guests attending the Inauguration Ceremony of the Priory of Singapore 0n 10 January 2014

Organising the Priory of St John Singapore Anniversary Dinner cum Variety Show on 24 January 2015

Guest singers helped raising fund for St John Fellowship at the Variety Show on 24 January 2015

Receiving Mr Patrick Burgess, Chancellor of the Order of St John / Chairman of Grand Council on 6 September 2015

Organising the SJ 130 Anniversary Gala Dinner held on 6 September 2015

Presentation of tokens of appreciation to Council Chairman, heads of St John units, Guest of Honour and Special Guests

Satay nite to celebrate National Day on 21 August 1999

Savouring durians in Johore in 2002

Celebrating Hon. President Tan Peng Siak’s 72th birthday

A trilling “Duck Tour” for children on Children Day in 2007

Gathering for a Sunday breakfast and attending a calligraphy workshop

Attending a cultural show in 2009

Attending a wedding dinner in 2013

Attending another wedding dinner in 2014

Chinese New Year Fellowship Lunch in January 2015

Taking photo with President Nathan at Investiture Ceremony 2003

Messrs Lee Kock Meng and Tan Peng Siak receiving SBStJ Awards at Investiture 2007

Attending St John Singapore’s 75th Anniversary in 2010

Messrs Foo Si Kwang, Ma Poh How & Chia Keng Hian receiving CStJ and OStJ Awards at Investiture 2011

SJF members & families attending Investiture at the Istana on 28 February 2011

Attending Investiture 2012 – taking group photo with Lord Prior, Prof Anthony R Mellows

Attending Annual General Inspection on 2 September 2012

Invited to attend SJAB Seminar 2013

Attending Investiture 2013 at the Istana

Mr Mak Yew Wing and Ms Nancy Sim receiving SJStJ & SSStJ awards at the 2014 Investiture at the British High Commission

Mr Chia Keng Hian and Mr Goh Cheng Lian receiving CStJ & SBStJ awards at the 2015 Investiture at the British High Commission

Invited to attend the Commemorative Event World War II Memorial Ceremony on 27 August 2015

Turning up in full force to bring cheers to senior citizens at Ju Eng Home

Hosting a festive tea party for senior citizens

Performing for senior citizens at a Jaymah Nursing Home

Hair-cutting session at Sri Narayana Home for the Aged Sick

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with senior citizens at Bukit Merah View in September 2007

Participants of a visit to needy senior citizens at Kim Tian Road and Jalan Bukit Merah

Distributing new year goodies and red packets to needy citizens in February 2009

Celebrating Chinese New Year with senior citizens at a Toa Payoh in February 2010

Chinese New Year gathering for senior citizens at Cairnhill Community Club on 23 January 2011

Celebrating Chinese New Year with senior citizens at St John HQ on 12 January 2014

Serving buffet lunch, distributing red packets and goodie bags, …

Celebrating Chinese New Year with senior citizens at St John HQ on 1 February 2015

Chinese New Year party with senior citizens at Lion Befrienders SAG in February 2016

The hard working team and supporters

Another Chinese New Year party for senior citizens at St John HQ on 15 January 2017

“Gift of Love” – a variety show to raise fund and celebrate St John’s 900th anniversary on 23 November 1997

NSJC Donation Draw held on 23 October 2011

“Dancing in Unity” – a cultural show held in 2012 to help raise fund for St John Day Care Rehabilitation Centre

Charity Auction at Priory of St John Singapore Anniversary Dinner – a Chinese painting from Mr Stephen Leong & a calligraphy work from Mr Ma Poh How (24 Jan 2014)

Involved in organizing the St John Musical Night – an event to raise fund for the renovation of St HQ

St John Art Exhibition to raise fund for the renovation of St John HQ on 21-23 October 2015

Holding a health talk for members and the general public

Attending a workshop and sharing session on Chinese medicine

Hosting another full house health talk for members and friends at St John HQ

A re-union of former SJ band members at a wedding dinner on 2 June 2012

A recent fellowship gathering of former SJ members from River Valley School

Fellowship gatherings of former SJ members from Hua Yi Secondary School in recent years

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