Brigade Infonet

Below are the Brigade websites and documents which are essential for training and administrative use:

Brigade Portal

The Brigade Portal is a restricted internal site where members of the Brigade can:

  • Manage Member’s Records (incl. Level Promotion)
  • Manage CAA Submission and Scores
  • Manage CPB Submission and Records
  • Conduct Online Assessment (eg. KOTO)
  • Manage Rank Promotion (Coming soon)
  • Manage Service Awards (Coming soon)
The St John Brigade Portal is currently undergoing major enhancement to better user’s experience, together with additional features and functions. It is scheduled to be launched by June 2019.

Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme (CPBS) Infonet

The CPBS Infonet is where Brigade members can get hold of comprehensive information on Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme.

Please note that CPBS applications have to go through the Brigade Portal. This link is for CPBS information only.

National Training Committee: Regimentation and Drills Sub-Committee (RDSC) Infonet

The RDSC Infonet is a sub-site where members can download our:

  • Brigade Drill Manual
  • Brigade Uniform Regulations
  • Parade Music
  • Drill Competition Scoresheet
Members can also obtain information about our Drill Instructor and Warrant Officer Courses here.

St John Intranet (Live now!)

The Brigade Intranet aims to share vital information – such as corporate communication templates, RAMS, policies and documents, with members via a restricted and secured site.

This restriction mechanism only allows members or teams holding official emails to access the website. If you are an officer holding a key appointment and would like an official email for yourself or your department, do drop a request to

Flag Day Collections

Flag Day Collections 2018

This is the Flag Day 2018 collections calculation broken down by Zones.

Walkathon Collections

Walkathon 2018

This is the Walkathon 2018 collections calculation broken down by Zones.

Corps Achievement Awards (CAA) Guidelines

Corps Achievement Awards (CAA) 2020 Guidelines

This is the new 2020 guidelines for CAA.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, CAA assessment for 2020 has been cancelled.

Accurate as of 13 June 2020.

Corps Achievement Awards (CAA) Business Calendar

CAA Business Calendar 2019

See attached for CAA Business Calendar 2019

Brigade Parade Music

Brigade Parade Music

The latest version of Brigade’s Parade Music files, eg Knights of St John March and St John Salutes, as well as its Music Scoresheets for band use can be found in RDSC’s micro-site.

Brigade Calendar

Brigade Calendar 2020

The Brigade Calendar is the list of activities that St John Singapore has lined up for the year 2020.

Due to on-going COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak, we have made various changes to our calendar and will continue to adapt accordingly to both MOH and MOE's instructions. Districts will inform Corps on the latest updates.

Accurate as of 13 June 2020.

Brigade Colours - Pantone Code

Pantone Colour Code for HQ and District Colours

This is the Pantone Colour Code for HQ and District Colours.

St John Pledge

St John Pledge

This is the latest version of the St John Pledge, updated 6 August 2017.

In the speaker’s copy, the ‘|’ indicates a pause for members to recite after the speaker.

Below are the Brigade Forms (BF) essential for administration:

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