Brigade Executive Committee

With Effect From 2020

National Headquarters

Chief Commissioner

Dr Nelson Chua

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Alvin Ng

Deputy Chief Commissioner

Mr Tian Mong Ching


Prof Christopher Goh Hood Keng

Senior Assistant Chief Commissioner (Nursing)

Dr Jane Png Hong Hock


Senior Assistant Chief Commissioner (Operations)

Mr Chia Keng Hian

St John Responder Unit / Public Duty

Mr Enoch Chan

Warrant Officer Division

Head: Mr Arif Ali
Deputy: Mr Simon Ow

Special Duties

Head: Mr Bernard Koh
Deputy: Mr Simon Quek

International Division

Head: Mr Cheng Chung Hsien
Deputy: Mr Tan Choon Siong

Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme

Ms Wendy Neo

Adult Division

Mr Koh Yen Chieh

First Aid Training

Dr Koh Yi Hui

St John Badger

Head: Mr Jerry Ko
Deputy: Ms Pauline Quek

Advanced Training

Mr Donald Teh Kiang Chye

National Events

Mr Lerwin Nai Wee Beng

Life Support Training

Head: Ms Wendy Neo
Designate Hd: Mr William Lee


Mr John Lee

Admin & Finance

Senior Assistant Chief Commissioner
(Admin & Finance)

Mr Eric Lee

Information Technology

Mr Tang Chee Kai

Secretariat Brigade Board of Presidents

Mr Law Shun Yong

Alumni Division

Head: Ms Mandy Chiang Mei Koon
Deputy: Ms Agnes Liow


Mr Chin Chee Wah


Head: Mr Simon Quek Boon Kheng
Deputy: Mr Koh Seng Kim

Corporate Communications & Statistics

Mr David Yeo Tiong Wee

Finance (Brigade Treasurer)

Mr Koh Yong Siang

Fund Raising

Mr Muhammad Sarizan Bin Ahmad

Social & Welfare

Ms Nancy Low Bee Lian

Recruitment & Programmes

Mr Roger Tan Boon Heng

Administration (Brigade Secretary)

Mr Matthew Chua

Scholarship & Bursary

Head: Mr Vincent Kou
Deputy: Mr Wun Boon Leng

District Commissioners

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