Association Members

Director Dr Selan Sayampanathan, S.B.St.J
Deputy Director cum Chairman, Professional Matters and First Aid Courses Dr Dave Lee
Honorary Secretary Dr Sanjay Nalachandran
Assistant Honorary Secretary Vacant
Honorary Treasurer Mr Seow Yeow Koon, O.St.J
Assistant Honorary Treasurer Mr Roger Tan
Chairman, Appeal Panel Mr Andrew Hee, O.St.J
Chairman, Publication Mr Khoo Teck Kheng, C.St.J
Deputy Chairperson, Higher First Aid and Basic First Aid Courses Dr Kinjal Mehta
Chairman, Jurong Centre cum Deputy Chairman, Adult First Aid & Occupational First Aid Courses Dr Siow Hua Ming
Chairperson, Nursing Courses Miss Christina Christine Loh, S.S.St.J
Coordinator for SJAA First Aid Lecturers Mr Chua Wee Kwang, C.St.J
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